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"Little Mates is great place for kids. They give you daily progress reports and really keep you up to date on what your child is learning/going through. Very caring staff. Just a wonderful place."      ~Hilary

"When Little Mates opened its doors six years ago, we were thrilled to finally have a day care center in Morgantown. Not only did we find a day care center, we found a day care center that provided a nurturing, caring and learning environment for our children. Our boys have been enrolled in each program, from the infant room all the way to the school age/summer camp program. At every stage, we felt confident leaving our children in the hands of these giving people. We could not think of a better place to care for our children."    ~Stephanie J.

"It is very difficult to choose care for your children, especially your first-born. My husband and I visited several options in the area, but none of them gave us the feeling that Little Mates did! When you walk in, you know that it is a place the loves children. There is no more that we would want for our son than to be loved all day while we are away from him. He really likes going to Little Mates and the staff has done a phenomenal job helping him meet his first developmental marks. Although we are sad to be apart from him, we are always completely comfortable and confident that he will be well cared for! " ~ Ericka & Jon N. 

"Finding the right daycare can be an emotional roller coaster, these are people that are going to care for your children, in your place, when you cannot be there. We corresponded with Kristy, the director, for what seemed to be months before actually going to visit the facility, when we did have our tour and meeting, we were thrilled with what we learned. The facility itself was inviting and more like home, the staff was friendly and it simply felt like a place my daughter could learn and grow!! We chose Little Mates when our daughter turned 2-years old, to help her become more social as well as start developing her skills to start kindergarten!! She started out going one day, then two days……….she quickly showed us how much she enjoyed her time there so we got her signed up full time. She is now in kindergarten and still attends Little Mates before & after school, she simply loves the staff!! Our son also attends, he is now 2-years old and we hope he will follow in his big sisters footsteps, learning and growing at Little Mates and getting skills needed for starting kindergarten when it’s time!! I cannot praise them enough, our children LOVE Little Mates, my daughter has really connected with her pre-school teacher Ms. Connie, she can talk to her, confide in and share things with her and I’m very thankful for their relationship. As far as my son goes, he gets excited at morning drop off when we turn the corner and he can see the building, he starts yelling “Ms. Min” from the backseat……….It makes leaving them just a little bit easier knowing how much they love to be there!!! Thank you!"  ~Chris & Jen

"We used a private sitter for each of my children from birth through age 4, but wanted them to experience a classroom setting, with more interaction with other children their ages, and sent them to Little Mates for a year prior to entering kindergarten. My daughter really gained a lot from having the social interaction, and was also able to enhance her letter and number writing. She was very well prepared for kindergarten, and even seemed to be one step ahead of some of her classmates. We know that the wonderful care she received while at Little Mates played a key role with that. She is now in 3rd grade, loves school, and is quite the social butterfly. My son is currently enrolled in the K2 program at Little Mates, and already knows how to read. His writing has also greatly improved. He really loves all the "centers" that his class gets to do such as computer, reading and art. He loved having the chicks come to his classroom, and be able to watch them hatch, too! (His big sister disn't get to do that until 3rd grade!) Little Mates is more than a daycare. I feel so comfortable dropping off my children that it almost feels as if I'm leaving them with "family."   ~Lisa H.

“My daughter has been attending Littlemates for 6 years since she was an infant, and now attends before and after school. She has always had the most wonderful teachers and we can't thank them enough for the education she was provided in Pre-K to prepare for kindergarten. She remains one of the brightest in her class which is a testament to the wonderful teaching methods she was exposed to at Littlemates!” Thanks!    ~Jessica G

“It's a huge leap of faith to leave your children in the care of someone

else. As a parents you are programmed to worry. We have never worried

about the care or attention our children receive at Little Mates. Our

daughter attended Little Mates from the ages of 6 through 12. She enjoyed

it so much that she admitted being a little sad when it was time to move

on. When our son was born two years ago there was no question as to where

we would send him. He knows his letters, uses "please" and " thank you"

and is comfortable following a routine. We can certainly tell the positive

influence Little Mates is having on him.”  ~Sean & Jackie Z

"All three of my children have attended Little Mates since their opening six years ago. Each of them have received quality care while getting the social and academic stimulation they needed. My 2 boys, who are now school age, were very prepared entering Kindergarten thanks to the Little Mates Pre-school and Pre K staff. They knew their letters, many sounds, could rhyme, count with 1:1 correspondence, and knew colors and shapes, not to mention the basic structure and behavior expectations of how to act in a school setting. But all of this couldn’t have happened if it weren’t for the kind and nurturing teachers who took care of them from infants on through the toddler years. I was always impressed when I got a daily report on all of their feeding, napping, diapering, and later potty training. My daughter is still receiving care at Little Mates part time, now that her Grandparents are available to help with her care. Every day she asks if it is a “My school” day or not, and when it is, she runs around singing “Yeah…Schoolee, schoolee.” Needless to say, she loves “her school,” and so do we!"   ~Jennifer F., Mother of :Tyler, 8, Aidan, 5, and Abby,3.

"We have been going to Little Mates since my first daughter was 12

weeks old, today she is in kindergarten. My second daughter is currently

enrolled in the Preschool class. Little Mates has always been very

attentive to my questions and thoughts, always letting me know how the

girl's day went and what they did. They provide a very nurturing and

learning environment while also letting the kids be kids. My girls both

loved going to "school" each day. We just had our first parent- teacher

conference for my kindergartner and they told me she is well advanced for

her age. I know a lot of the credit needs to go to Little Mates for their

staff and the educational environment they provided her in the early years.

My second child already knows her colors, letters, and numbers and she is

only 3! It really is a great place!"   ~Christine L.

"My son has been attending Little Mates since he was 5 months old and he is now in Preschool. We were lucky to have found such a wonderful day care center that is so focused on the care and development of our son. The teachers there are all wonderful and so dedicated to making sure the children are in a nurturing environment where they can learn new things while still having so much fun everyday. I was very impressed with the way the teachers always keep me so informed on everything my son does throughout the day and any milestones he has reached. The teachers and staff are all extremely helpful with answering any questions I may have, and even have conferences with you to go over the development of your child. It was also nice to find a day care center that is so dedicated to constantly improving the environment the children are in by making improvements to the facility itself, such as adding a new playground just for the toddlers. My son loves everyday he goes to Little Mates, and we recently had our second son and it is comforting to know that when he starts at Little Mates he will be well taken care of."   ~Elizabeth H. 

"I was new to the state and had little word of mouth to rely on when looking for a childcare center. What I did know was that I wanted a place that could do all the state required and more on an academic and fundamental level, but at the same time, legitimately care for my child as they would their own children. I had initially chosen a facility based on proximity to my office location in King of Prussia, PA. It was a well known chain childcare center however, we did not stay there very long as I felt my child was nothing more than a number. I then did a comparison of the facilities available in Morgantown and ultimately choose Little Mates, over 6 years ago, as the facility for me due to its genuine caring approach then and stay there for this same reason."  ~Dawn M, mother of CJ 9 and Cheyenne 4